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Elubo Lafun – 1 Paint

Experience the authentic flavors of West Africa with Elubo Lafun, a traditional Nigerian food made from high-quality yam flour. Enjoy the smooth and silky texture of this versatile staple, perfect for mopping up soups or pairing with flavorful Nigerian dishes. Sourced sustainably, free from artificial additives, and packed with the natural goodness of yam.



Elubo Lafun, a traditional Nigerian food made from yam flour that brings the authentic taste of West Africa to your table. Our Elubo Lafun is carefully prepared using the finest yam tubers, ensuring a high-quality product that captures the essence of Nigerian cuisine.

Elubo Lafun is made by peeling, slicing, and drying yam tubers, which are then milled into a fine flour. This flour is then used to create a smooth and silky paste, which is traditionally enjoyed as a staple food in many Nigerian households. The process ensures that Elubo Lafun retains the natural flavors and nutritional benefits of yam.

Yam, a nutrient-dense root vegetable, is a great source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. It provides energy, supports digestion, and contributes to overall well-being. With Elubo Lafun, you can enjoy the goodness of yam in a convenient and versatile form.

In Nigerian cuisine, Elubo Lafun is widely used as a base for various dishes. It can be enjoyed as a soft, dough-like consistency, perfect for mopping up soups, stews, and sauces. Elubo Lafun can also be shaped into balls or flattened into disks, known as “amala,” and paired with a variety of flavorful Nigerian soups.

We take pride in sourcing the best yam tubers from trusted farmers who follow sustainable agricultural practices. This ensures that our Elubo Lafun not only delivers on taste but also supports a healthier and more environmentally friendly food system. Our product is free from any artificial additives or preservatives, allowing you to savor the natural goodness of yam.

Experience the authentic flavors of Nigeria with our premium Elubo Lafun. Embrace the rich heritage and culinary traditions of West Africa as you savor the smooth and delightful taste of this traditional staple food.


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